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Just FAKE It!

Bored? Fake interest.
Insecure? Fake confidence.
feeling dumb? Fake thinking like a genius.
Beliefs aren't real, they're filtered reality. What's interesting is that when we fake enthusiasm in even the most tedious of endeavours we guessed it, enthusiastic.
Likewise when we wish to impress but feel nondescript and unworthy, nothing works better than acting impressed.
It's a myth to believe that anyone has a status superior to yours. It's a belief and can be altered. Fake it, not until you make it, (there is no making it) but until you wake up one day and realise it's no longer fake.
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Perfunctory...A 4 Letter Word!

There is probably merit in not getting too invested in what others think of us. Books have been written such as Mark Manson's "The Subtle art of not giving a F***!" that support this philosophy. However when you see this pervade business interactions it boggles the mind.

​We get harried. We have bad hair days that spill out into our business dealings. We get overwhelmed. We get complacent. The most common poison I see in business is 'perfunctory service' a label I'm assuming is an oxymoron.

It's so hard to to earn a prospect, think marketing, branding, merchandising, and a multitude of other investments and we can blow it in a split second. We're tuned into recognising good service but even more acutely tuned in to perfunctory interactions.

Usually it's poorly trained or monitored staff but it's always the owner's responsibility to recognise and respond. The reason it's so insidious is because it's just below the threshold of triggeri…

Universal # 1 International Best Seller....Nonsense!

International Best Seller! Are you impressed?...... Really? ........Why? Social credibility is a things these days. It's measured via LIKES and SHARES and positive commentary. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the Wizard of Oz! Every published author it seems has attained best seller status. The invisible small print may indicate a sub text such as 'best seller in a bookstore that sold one book last week'. Animal Farm was an actual best seller, a feat I imagine 99% of readers under the age of 40 today would find bewildering. When we scale embellishment too far we risk being unmasked. It's a common marketing tactic to author and then purchase the requisite number of books to hit #1 for at least a week. A brand can then be build around this lie. Even those who achieve the status of popularity are still only popular within a niche - for instance there is a niche for flat earth adherents, but I'd question the merit of 'crushing' it. Is popularity really a…

To hell with the circumstances!

Fighting words! Our choice of words can define our perceptions of what's possible. 
A circumstance is merely a label we use to describe an experience that we have already filtered through our senses. Usually there's a sub text: 'give me  break - what with the weather, the kids, the economy, my mother in law - under the circumstances.....' The sub text is: 'I have an excuse to procrastinate, and I can sleep easy by justifying my lack of activity due to those damn circumstances.'

Do you want to drop 10 Kilo's or earn an extra $25k or learn Spanish, attain a black belt in a martial art, learn a musical instrument, write a book, travel to Brazil or any number of goals that at first sight seem daunting?

Beware those circumstances that your imagination has conjured up, just to keep you warm in the comfort zone of the ordinary. Dream BIG - and to hell with the circumstances - You live once - live it LARGE!!

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Leadership is a Decision

There's an apt saying: "Lead , follow or get out of the way." Indecision breeds confusion and disaster.
Leaders are not necessarily smarter than you or I, or indeed more worthy of following - how many leaders have led their followers towards oblivion?

What leaders do however is get things done. They share their vision, attract an audience and dictate the direction of the activity.

Opportunities abound but so few grasp the thorns, fearful of the illusion of failure and their perceived vulnerability to criticism and ridicule.

The pity is that concepts such as right or wrong are just that. All great achievements are preceded by hitherto perceptions of failure. Whether or not the world agrees with your proposition that the earth is flat or that evolution is a myth, or any number of beliefs you hold, the opinion of the masses need not impact you expressing your own genius.

leaders make things happen and get things done. They make mistakes and adjust their course. Followers are al…

Don't waste time setting small goals!

If you actually set specific and measurable goals - then a big congratulations, because this puts you in fairly rarefied space.

Most people have an innate sense of ambition. At its extreme it's manifested in the alpha male and female equivalent, whereby this sub species competes to the death with everyone for attention. Whether it's The Great Gatsby, or  the loud mouthed parent attempting to subvert all around them, this is not a healthy form of ambition.

The other end of the spectrum is inhabited by those listless, uninspired, and often sad individuals, who invariably finds themselves marginalised by society at large.

This post relates to what students of the mind might describe as self - actualised. Those who consciously make a decision to design their own destiny. Talent rises to its peak within the right environment, however the most genetically gifted swimmer on the planet may never attain any success in the realm of where their talent lies if fate doesn't put them in th…

It's OK to be you!

Yet another disturbing article, this time in todays Sunday newspaper, regarding youth alienation and feelings of self loathing.

We live in a culture that reflects a distorted view of 'reality'. Why the parenthesis? Reality is as intangible as a fleeting thought. Everything we percieve is filtered through a context lens. Alas we are mostly unaware that someone else is manipulating our filter.

Our Facebook 'selfie' illicited no Likes and yet that vacuuous blonde bimbo gets an avalanche of positive and gushing comments with every uploaded pouting pic. This Social Media popularity contest really sucks.

Of course I'm being facetious, but with positive intent.

Cleverly merchanised personal branding is nevertheless just that, merchandised packaging. it really is OK to be you. Seeking the approval of a tribe that is self obsessed is a fools gold. Authenticity takes longer to crystallise but the pay off can last a lifetime.

Authentic behaviour requires no practise. Authent…