Sunday, September 29, 2013

To hell with the circumstances!

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Fighting words! Our choice of words can define our perceptions of what's possible. 

A circumstance is merely a label we use to describe an experience that we have already filtered through our senses. Usually there's a sub text: 'give me  break - what with the weather, the kids, the economy, my mother in law - under the circumstances.....' The sub text is: 'I have an excuse to procrastinate, and I can sleep easy by justifying my lack of activity due to those damn circumstances.'

Do you want to drop 10 Kilo's or earn an extra $25k or learn Spanish, attain a black belt in a martial art, learn a musical instrument, write a book, travel to Brazil or any number of goals that at first sight seem daunting?

Beware those circumstances that your imagination has conjured up, just to keep you warm in the comfort zone of the ordinary. Dream BIG - and to hell with the circumstances - You live once - live it LARGE!!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Leadership is a Decision

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There's an apt saying: "Lead , follow or get out of the way." Indecision breeds confusion and disaster.
Leaders are not necessarily smarter than you or I, or indeed more worthy of following - how many leaders have led their followers towards oblivion?

What leaders do however is get things done. They share their vision, attract an audience and dictate the direction of the activity.

Opportunities abound but so few grasp the thorns, fearful of the illusion of failure and their perceived vulnerability to criticism and ridicule.

The pity is that concepts such as right or wrong are just that. All great achievements are preceded by hitherto perceptions of failure. Whether or not the world agrees with your proposition that the earth is flat or that evolution is a myth, or any number of beliefs you hold, the opinion of the masses need not impact you expressing your own genius.

leaders make things happen and get things done. They make mistakes and adjust their course. Followers are also moving in a direction. Ultimately followers may morph into leaders themselves, but the unfortunate unbelievers, those that fail to grasp the notion that self actualisation is a choice, the belief that one can steer their own course and destiny, will always fail to see beyond a set horizon.

You can be do and have so much more than you may think possible if you could only truly believe that you are worthy of leadership. Share your passion, ignore the naysayers and be consistent and persistent and people will follow

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Don't waste time setting small goals!

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If you actually set specific and measurable goals - then a big congratulations, because this puts you in fairly rarefied space.

Most people have an innate sense of ambition. At its extreme it's manifested in the alpha male and female equivalent, whereby this sub species competes to the death with everyone for attention. Whether it's The Great Gatsby, or  the loud mouthed parent attempting to subvert all around them, this is not a healthy form of ambition.

The other end of the spectrum is inhabited by those listless, uninspired, and often sad individuals, who invariably finds themselves marginalised by society at large.

This post relates to what students of the mind might describe as self - actualised. Those who consciously make a decision to design their own destiny. Talent rises to its peak within the right environment, however the most genetically gifted swimmer on the planet may never attain any success in the realm of where their talent lies if fate doesn't put them in the right place at the right time.

We all have amazing natural talents that we'll never tap. We may have the potential to be an amazing pianist and yet never have had the opportunity to play a note. You could have the talent of a modern day Shakespeare and yet go to your grave without writing a sonnet.

Thoughts become things. It's interesting to contemplate where inspiration springs from. Some would suggest that the imagination is the spark of genius that ignites all great achievements, and that your mind only conjours dreams of that which you can achieve.

We're not talking about fantasy Lotto type thoughts. Imagination manifested in focused visualisation of an intended future state creates a state of magnetic attraction that is truly profound. 

Back on topic! Why would you set small goals? Small goals send a message to the sub conscious. The message is doubt. Great goals inspire decisive and consistent action. The difference between setting a goal to lose a few Kilos around your midrift hardly sets your heart a flutter! Setting a goal to run the London marathon in 2015 (even if you live in Sydney and have no money!) whilst raising $50000 for a specific charity creates a completely new energy.

Yes you might break a leg and temporarily fail but more than likely you won't. If despite all the focus in the world you fall short, then perhaps you change the time frame of the goal. Perhaps you'll need to go back to the drawing board and reassess your training strategy.

Big goals really do have an energy that is indescribable. You find yourself hanging around people who motivate and can help you. You find yourself immersed in the world of of where this energy resides. You start reading blogs, taking photographs, making new friends that are all congruent with your goals.

Never forget that it's not the destination that makes goal setting so powerful but the amazing sense of empowerment you get from 'owning' your own GPS. Anyone can learn a new language, a new skill, and any number of physical pursuits that currently may seem impossible.

Think BIG act BIG and be INSPIRED - we call it living LARGE!!!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's OK to be you!

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Yet another disturbing article, this time in todays Sunday newspaper, regarding youth alienation and feelings of self loathing.

We live in a culture that reflects a distorted view of 'reality'. Why the parenthesis? Reality is as intangible as a fleeting thought. Everything we percieve is filtered through a context lens. Alas we are mostly unaware that someone else is manipulating our filter.

Our Facebook 'selfie' illicited no Likes and yet that vacuuous blonde bimbo gets an avalanche of positive and gushing comments with every uploaded pouting pic. This Social Media popularity contest really sucks.

Of course I'm being facetious, but with positive intent.

Cleverly merchanised personal branding is nevertheless just that, merchandised packaging. it really is OK to be you. Seeking the approval of a tribe that is self obsessed is a fools gold. Authenticity takes longer to crystallise but the pay off can last a lifetime.

Authentic behaviour requires no practise. Authentic people are sticky. They attract other like minded people into their sphere. They are interesting, if for no other reason than that they are interested in us. They are not competing for popularity air time with us. They are generous in their endorsements and go out of their way to offer assistance.

Non clinical depression is often associated with erroneous interpretation of how we fit into our society. The minute you change gears and appreciate that it really is OK to be you and popularity is a pointless pursuit then your view of reality will change.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Just ASK - Your life will change forever!

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After an unintended hiatus the Life Matters Blog returns! Of course the author was on hiatus, the absense of any Blogging, the 'bleeding obvious' consequence. Glad that's been cleared up!

The last 12 months of yours truly's life journey has been formative and enlightening. Let me explain.

In the pursuit of life balance I've taken many a detour around potential hindrances to this desired state. Along the way the goal was to avoid stress, conflict, any hint of a 9-5 existence, whilst living a happy, meaningfully fulfilled LIFE.

This might be defined as "Getting a Life!"

It occurred to me however that my strategy of moving away from what I despised was not moving me towards this image I had of Life Balance.

My definition of Life Balance needs to be elaborated. Ultimately it relates to a sense of daily wellbeing. A heightened awareness and sense that life is awesome.

This requires a balance inclusive of awesome relationships with lover and family and friends; financial security and the confidence of feeling like you're not an emotional slave to economic circumstances; a sense of purpose that you're moving towards something challenging and meaningful. And of course Health and Fitness.

How many of us actually ever get the balance right?

Me, I had a couple of hindrances. in a moment of clarity I put pen to paper and clearly defined what my ideal Life Balance Life would look like.

I then proceeded to ASK empowering questions, like a mantra, over and over again. "How do I earn xxxx $'s this year (a tenfold crazy increase on where I was at)
"How do I get my fitness levels back to where they were 10 years ago?" ( I used to be seriously FIT!)
"How do I become conversationally fluent in French, German, Italian and Spanish?"
"How do I contribute a six figure annual fee to worthy community causes"
"How do I make a positive impact on people's lives?"

Plus a few more questions. Phew - is that all?

The results over the last 10 months have been truly extraordinary. One day we may meet and I'll share the details.

Here's the tip for the day. ASK ASK ASK. Ask yourself better questions. Forget the nonsense you inhale from soap operas or talk back radio. Ask How questions not Why questions. Ask why you're single, broke, sad, obese, angry...... You get the picture. Your mind will scream at you and give you an abundance of reasons: because you're a turkey, a loser, stupid, ugly....

Then try this, and I swear your life will change beyond recognition. Drum roll. Get into the habit of asking for stuff. Ask for directions, ask for a date, ask for a pay rise, ask for a discount, ask for a referral, ask for help with your Curriculum Vitae, ask for some mentoring, ask for advice.

The universe is energy. Energy reacts to other energy. Positive energy manifests in positive outcomes. Questions asked, invariably attract the right answers.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

‘Soft Day Thank God’ and the Biggest Urban Myth of Our Generation

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To wax lyrical on the relative awesomeness of yesteryear whilst decrying all that is modern is a popular pastime for the silver haired folk who hark back to these halcyon times albeit through a clouded lens that hardly bears up to scrutiny.

Indeed it is unlikely that the word awesome is found in their vocabulary!

It’s an Urban Myth.  The idyllic past inhabited by genial souls behind pristine picket fences who collectively interact in a pre Facebook form of connectivity is the stuff of romantic novelists.

Child labour, civil rights abuse, cultural insensitivity, profound poverty and an expectation that an attack on your tribe should earn you a conscription to bear arms-axe, bayonet or something equally blood curling, as you defend your own in face to face mortal combat –all seem less appetizing in hindsight!

Which brings me to a topic that seems rather trivial in comparison. Despite the aforementioned Urban Myth – I would suggest that some of the glue that binds society has been diluted due to the demise of…wait for it…common courtesy.

Actually rather uncommon courtesy! No I’m not referring to the stifling impotence of the characters of a Jane Austin novel, but rather that quaint habit of acknowledgment.

Call it a social nicety, or perhaps the act of being polite. Eye contact in public is discouraged. Should you hold a door open for someone under the age of 40 it will more often than not be unacknowledged.

Where once we were acutely aware of the science of moving in crowds, sub consciously anticipating the speed. Trajectory and width of all within a circumference of 20 metres, and instinctively would subtly adjust our route to accommodate – this apparently has been lost.

Attachment to an IPod, whilst editing status updates to Twitter and Facebook and adeptly juggling the ubiquitous cup of coffee apparently abdicates all responsibility to move in anything other than the shortest route to ones plotted destination!

There was once an art to small talk. The inability or reluctance to nod appropriately to a peer whilst fluently stating something obvious such as the state of the weather, with an engaging facial expression was very much frowned upon.

As social courtesies become less of normal societal protocol a price is paid. Societies become less friendly, interactions more testy, and anonymity can gradually manifest into the scourge of the 21st century –depression.

The health of societies often seem at their zenith during rebuilding periods between tragic adversities such as post war rebuilding, earthquakes, tsunami’s and so forth.

It would be good to wind back just a little to yesteryear when societies embraced its individual and were bonded by an accumulation of immeasurable gestures, smiles, and apologies for colliding.

Oh and of course that inane but strangely effective ritual of commenting on the weather. As the “Irish would say ‘Soft Day thank God!” which pretty much summed up any day other than a sunny one!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolutions: Hopes, Aspirations, Intentions and Delusions!

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Festive excess traditionally induces post hangover guilt and thoughts of new beginnings.

The guilt creeps up slowly. Anticipation of party time frolicking with the requisite alcoholic gay abandon of youth abounds…. alas the capacity of youth to recover over a grease laden fry up of black pudding and anything else in the vicinity within 3 months of the used by date, diminish alarmingly post 30’s!

Hope kicks in first. Hope that the hangover will be gentle. Hope that the scales will somehow deny the visual evidence around the gut. Hope that this year things will be better.

Hope however rarely provides the appetite to actually take action, beyond perhaps the purchase of a Lotto ticket!

Aspiration has a little more depth. It suggests a vague sense of commitment to a cause if perhaps lacking in a plan.

Occasionally the post hangover conviction produces a tsunami of emotional triggers, ranging from disgust at what the mirror reveals, self loathing as the memories of dubious behaviour return or perhaps fear that this is as good as it gets.

Intention is like aspiration on steroids. Remember those handful of times when you reached that tipping point and made decisions that in retrospect were fateful. The get in shape decision that resulted in the completion of a Marathon, Triathlon, or trek through Nepal

That day you internalised the intention to quit smoking without moping around feeling sorry for yourself and acting like a whipped puppy!

Perhaps it was the time you quit your job to follow your passion, or emigrate, propose to your soul mate or perhaps terminate a relationship (presumably NOT the one with the soul mate!)

Intentions are relatively rare but profound in their impact.

Of course the default for most of us is that comfort zone labelled mass delusion! Hope is an innocuous low stress state to inhabit. 

Hopefully it won’t rain, the trains will be on time, the cute secretary notices me, petrol prices drop, and my shares in that obscure technology company jump.

Mass delusion makes the world go around.  Without hope depression rears its hideous head.

So my hopes for you all this year is that your hopes and dreams germinate into real aspirations and intentions, ultimately manifesting into your most outrageously successful year ever!