Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anomolies of Life and Old Wives Tales

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The Wisdom of Parents: ‘eat everything on your plate and be grateful you’re not one of the starving millions’ a rallying cry and first seed of an obesity epidemic is born.

Governor Arnie chastises his children for leaving too many lights on in the house, the environmental cost presumably equates to a punctuation mark in his litany of mind-blowing special effects, and Hummer driven excesses.

Global warming is a hysterical theatrical issue that we are cajoled into feeling guilty about in a manner reminiscent of teenage catholic boys reaching an age of carnal curiosity. How exactly is a perpetually drenched and windswept Celt worse off by this advent of clement weather? Perhaps the historically far more prevalent global freezing is the greater grim reaper.

Today’s hero invariably morphs in to tomorrow’s villain. Our sporting idols fall, we mimic the outrage of the tabloids until we adapt to their integration as mere mortals amongst us, and then rehabilitate them as rebels incarnate to be admired again as they triumph over adversity.

When have you ever tut tutted at someone’s indiscretions and later wondered what possessed you to become so self-righteous? Non smokers look with disdain on their fellow dim witted friends before hurtling off at literal break neck speed down the freeway of life, mobile in hand, distracted by the merest glimpse of sexual gratification via the billboard reflected in the rear view mirror.

Are we all mad or have we inexorably devolved into our parents. Say it isn’t so! When did we become so sure of our certainties, and the way the world should unfold? So many questions with fleeting answers that more often than not evaporate into the old wives tales they inevitably become.

Of course this all an exercise in irreverence, and the futility of taking life too serious. In hindsight we’re all living in a cosmic joke, with no punch line.

Hope you’re appreciating the nonsense of this temporary experience!

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All comments appreciated except the ones expressing what a tosser I am? Only kidding-they're appreciated too!

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

How's Your Obsesion Working For You?

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What a boring bland world this would be in the absence of mass irrational obssessiveness. There would be NO wonders of the world. Forget about the Guinness Book of Records or in fact any significant historical achievement.
Why would anyone in their right mind set sail in a barely sea worthy vessel in the direction of the horizon with no reasonable expectation of navigating anywhere but over the edge of the world?
We could argue that the Pyramids and ancient Aztec monuments were a response not to obsession but rather to a spiritual impulse. The appeasing of the gods as it were. Let’s not however meander in to that quicksand of philosophy. It would be all too easy to polarize most readers of this brief scribble by even hinting that Religion is an obsession.
It’s hard not to be fascinated by the apparent crazy impulsive behavior of many collectors. I’m not referring to those with an eye on turning over a dollar, but rather those whose lives seemed consumed in a never ending search for some obscure memorabilia of an even more obscure historical figure.
These philatelists, taxidermists, fusilatelists or even cruciverbalists, whilst an easy target for comedic fodder, are undoubtedly comment worthy. If you’re feeling a little confused by the labels above, then you’re in good company, spell check is equally baffled!
Perhaps our biggest misconception as human beings is the belief that we’re actually logical creatures. This is repetitively proven to be a delusion on an almost hourly basis.
We’re irrationally emotional, prone to temper tantrums and other non-sensical behaviour. We drink, eat, smoke and generally indulge to excess in a manner that defies any definition of logic.
Why is it therefore that we seem shocked by the daily tabloid stories of lurid tales of the obsessive actions of those that we irrationally look up to.  Why is Tiger Woods a role model? Why do we think that (former England football captain) John Terry a fallen icon?
Do you collect stamps, mount animal heads, (don’t be rude), collect telephone cards or spend hours doing the daily crossword? Hint: you don’t need to look up the above gibberish labels now!
There’s no particular message here. The observation I’m making, is that most of our behaviors are irrational at best and more often than not, downright illogical. With that in mind I say, choose your obsessions well. If they work for you, then don’t worry about justifying them to your pretentious peer group, because I guarantee they’re just as crazy as you!
One sobering word of caution however. Like all things in life, all actions have consequences, so with that in mind enjoy your obsessions!