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Welcome to my Podcast

Hi everyone, I posted an episode to my podcast, kiaran finns Podcast.

Click this link to check it out:
What exactly is the objective of this website?

- kiaran



The Futility of Exercise

My friends think me slightly odd. Perhaps I'm understating their actual viewpoint. You see I have a predilection, some might call it a vice. I frequent a 'no-name' fast food establishment, daily. Have done so for years. Apparently this is the behavior of the bewildered, odd, eccentric and by all accounts, one step from psychiatric Institutionalization.

I quite like the predictable ambiance. No one hovering around, trying to upsize you to desert, more drink. A macchiato perhaps. Also it's within the acceptable etiquette to eat alone whilst perusing the provided newspaper.

Not least is the lack of daily decision making about what to eat daily. like a mini celebrity, the 'usual' is proffered without asking.

Parallel to this apparent idiocy, is my thrice weekly visit to my local gym. There I 'mix' with many adherents of this peculiar pastime. Pumping Iron, pulling cables, sweating profusely, heart rate elevated. Except, what's curious, is this is actually …