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Stress Less.... 11/11/2017 0 Comments

On a scale of 1 -10 how #stressed are you? 

I overheard a small business owner respond '8' and my wife is at 9.5!

Wow 9.5!

Incidentally they don't reside in Syria, but do have two healthy kids, a house, car, retirement portfolio, passive income and a multitude of friends and family.

There s a danger that we frame a downturn in our business in such dramatic terms. Context is a great sanity drug.

If we make happiness an impossible Everest to attain then the moderate slings and arrows of the daily grind really will bring us down.

Embrace the moment and dial down imagined fears.

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0 Comments You Share The Planet With Almost 10% Of All Humans Who Have Lived Since 50,000 BC! 11/8/2017 0 Comments
If you are 50 years old or more you've shared the planet with at least 10% of all homeo sapiens who have lived since 50,000 BC.*

(* Source

If you were bo…
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99% Of What We're Worrying About WON'T Happen....

99% Of What We're Worrying About WON'T Happen on the scale, scope or mannar we're previewing it. More @

Stop being Annoyed! 7 Day Challenge

Does #Social_Media annoy you?
Do you feel like #detoxing?
Do other people's #opinions annoy you?
What about #selfies?
Perhaps the weather is at fault.
Certainly free to air TV must push your buttons.

I'm not sure it's even possible to avoid this state (#ANNOYANCE) for an hour - perhaps this post, meme already mildly annoys you!

Wouldn't it be interesting to delete this emotion for a week and see what happens. I suspect the impact would be profound.

So here's my crazy game plan, maybe you'd like to give it a go.

A lifetime of stimulus and automatic response is difficult to rewire, but perhaps an early awareness warning signal can allow us to catch the annoyance thought early and reframe it.

The reframe:  'being annoyed is WEAK'

Not a difficult belief to buy in to. A new thought response to a typical annoying trigger, for instance a polarising comment completely at odds with your world view... 'that's interesting!'

It actually is, inte…


Perhaps we worry too much about the stuff least likely to show up or impact our lives. Some general #mortality_statistics below (UNODC and Wikipedia)

WORLDWIDE DEATHS PER WEEK Sharks less than 1 Terrorism 490 Drowning 6900 Murder 8400 Falling 10700 Car Accidents 24000
The odds are most of us worry about stuff least likely to manifest or impact our lives catastrophically.

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My Psychological Heroin

When I left the UK an eon ago I cut the source of my psychological heroin addiction and life has never been the same since. #TV_Soap_operas.

Problems are entertainment. Particularly though not exclusively other people's problems. The weather is usually a great and predictable source of complaint that bonds even the most disparate of strangers.

Discuss a problem on your social media feed and be guaranteed a frenzy of activity. We love to be outraged, for our sensibilities to be threatened, the bigger the problem the more ravenous we become.

Revisiting the UK I was surprised how a 3 or 4 year absence had negligible impact on keeping up with the soap opera's storyline. Same characters, same issues, same outrage, same problems - ZERO solutions. It's cleverly addictive as it plays into our default tendency to be Victim/Problem orientated.

When asked how I am, there's only one tone of response: 'terrific,#tree_bloody_mendous, #fan_bloody_tastic.'

Not to be delusional or …

Why Do Obnoxious People WIN?

Why do #OBNOXIOUS people win so often? We've all probably been hired, fired, abused, mistreated, the works by this species of owner/manager and wondered how have they survived...thrived even.

My take, pre-framed by my expression of utter disdain for any form of #bullying behaviour in pursuit of a win. #High_Energy gets results.

To split hairs I acknowledge that everything has a vibratory energy happening - even rocks....but in communication terms and in the presence of weak energy (ambivalence, disinterest, disengagement) higher energy dominates.

Leaders good and bad exude energy.

#Provocation = High Energy
SHOUTING!!! = High Energy.
Swearing = High Energy.

The flip side of course is the energy and power of affirmative positive communication. Enthusiastic engagement = High Energy.
#Praise = High Energy.
#Passion = High Energy.

Fake News - It's All fake!

What's The #News in your world? Once upon a time (maybe 5 years ago) The News was something our peers ( 20 Million+ Australians) were equally exposed to.  Today The News is something we're drip fed through algorithmic retargeting. We are someone's niche.  My possibly imminent trip to Bali makes volcanoes News to me. My incessant clicking on sporting websites determines The News I'm exposed to. Occasional succumbing to click bait delivers me some celebrity gossip (#FAKE_News?)  Our online connections' utterances deliver what appears to be News - except it's all FAKE.  We are served up a filtered reality based on our behaviours and associations. We can consume an almost infinitely small broadcast of current affairs so I'm cool with choosing that which inspires, energises and empowers my daily life.  Occasionally I try to remind myself that it's still FAKE - a filtered reality of what I've chosen to focus on.