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To hell with the circumstances!

Fighting words! Our choice of words can define our perceptions of what's possible. 
A circumstance is merely a label we use to describe an experience that we have already filtered through our senses. Usually there's a sub text: 'give me  break - what with the weather, the kids, the economy, my mother in law - under the circumstances.....' The sub text is: 'I have an excuse to procrastinate, and I can sleep easy by justifying my lack of activity due to those damn circumstances.'

Do you want to drop 10 Kilo's or earn an extra $25k or learn Spanish, attain a black belt in a martial art, learn a musical instrument, write a book, travel to Brazil or any number of goals that at first sight seem daunting?

Beware those circumstances that your imagination has conjured up, just to keep you warm in the comfort zone of the ordinary. Dream BIG - and to hell with the circumstances - You live once - live it LARGE!!

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