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Check this Guy out-Goosebump Stuff

Occasionally a unique artist appears out of left field and shows up the manufactured Idol wannabees for what they are. No offense to those who aspire to achieve their goals via reality TV but I like the fact Mr Gurrimal has come from total obscurity-a remote aboriginal settlement-with the added challenge of blindness to connect with a world wide audience via his sound alone-ie without the slick record label honchos-directing his sound.

Have a listen and leave a comment-Enjoy-
Cheers Kiaran

Seasons Greetings and Hope You Have an AWESOME 2010!

Thank you for visiting my Blog during what for some was a fantastic 2009. My hope is that you and your family have a great 2010 and your aspirations find fulfillment.

Some of you may have had the best year of your life and some alas the worst-that's the swings and roundabouts of this merry go round we call life. I welcome you to re-visit next year as we build our community of like minded individuals for common, Inspiration and Motivation with my goal to make it an AWESOME-2010

As always I welcome your connection-Cheers Kiaran-here in currently very summery Perth-not a snowflake in sight!


Is there a more pointless emotion than frustration? It serves no useful purpose other than emotional feedback that something in our status quo needs to change. More than likely that change is one of perception.
A long and mentally challenging day at work is rarely a factor of the actual activities we’ve engaged in, but rather the sense of impotence in achieving our goals.
There are many ways to define frustration; I like to define it as the gap between what we want and what we’ve got.
To eliminate this debilitating emotion we need to do one of two things: change our focus on what we want or accept that something’s are not in our control and move in the direction of that which we can control.
If the kids are doing your head in, or the boss, or your spouse, you do have a choice. Regression is the response of what I call the spoilt brat! Throw a tantrum, sulk, cry and any number of other manipulative performances.
However whilst this may provide temporary respite from our feelings of helples…