Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maybe You Should Just Quit!

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Not a slogan Nike would advocate!

Without some context words such as persistence, patience, endeavor and dedication suggest a noble attitude to life matters. They symbolize ‘the stiff upper lip’ attitude to struggle. "Never ever give up"; to paraphrase Churchill goes to the heart of most self-help and personal development philosophy.
The danger of blindly following this type of perseverance without considering its context is that more often than not, triumph does not overcome adversity, at the first attempt.
There is a massive industry peddling personal development material. Books, Seminars, Webinars and all manner of strategies that range from useful and inspiring to borderline extortion.
Harsh comment? I don’t think so. We live in a society that reveres its celebrities regardless of their substance. The personal development industry has its share of super rich ‘leaders’ who have attained a status within their tribe equivalent to religious pontiffs.
Some of these leaders are charismatic marketers who meld their worldview into the economics of their business. This has consequences.  Akin to a cult, many adherents lose the perspective to judge whether the vision presented is real or illusory.
That said I am a big believer in the power of positive reinforcement, inspiration, motivation and the harnessing of the minds awesome potential. My bookshelves are laden with the works of Robbins, Tracy, Waitley, Branson, Canfield and the like. From time to time though I consciously step back and say ‘but it ain’t necessarily so!”
Wisdom is often only observed in hindsight and some of the lessons we believe to be true, especially because our heroes have uttered them, are wrong.
Winners never quit! Actually they do, considerably more often than couch potatoes. Never ever give up! Why not? If you are in a terrible relationship or job or non-profitable business or any number of pursuits, there comes a time when decisions need to be made and acted on.
The magic ingredient is context. Success in any area of life requires a belligerent never say die attitude. It is the attitude of believing in the dream or aspiration and the continual refining of the skills required to attain success that really matters.
The vehicle may change many times. Quit the business, but keep the belief in the goal. Quit the Yoga and take up Pilates, quit the doctorial studies in Medicine and transfer to Law.  Maintain the rage I say. Maintain that passion for attaining your childhood dreams, but be mindful there’s more than one way to reach the summit.
Hope your life is unfolding and with exhilarating possibility on a daily basis!