Monday, April 12, 2010

Hope is Not a Strategy!

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As a preface to this scribble I'd like to reiterate that this Blog does not represent a philosophy or point of view I believe anyone else should adhere to. As the Header indicates, this is merely a wry commentary picking at the scab of human observation, in the hope of eliciting an occasional pause for thought and confronting some of the irony in life's journey. All hugely positive comments endorsing the the Blog are welcomed in the spirit of my own delusion.

I like the provocative statement; hope is not a strategy. The use of words such as wish, hope and turn of phrases for instance; 'if only..', are usually the precursors to paralysis. When we have delusional excuses to fall back on, it's easy to abdicate personal responsibility.

I wish i could speak fluent Japanese, bench press 150k, date a super-model(not really!) play jazz piano with ease and own a football team, ...if only.. There's the rub. 'If only' just doesn't cut it.

Having a fantasy goal such as winning Lotto, is a safe haven for disappointment. 'You've got to be in it to win it', or so they say. This presumes of course that the odds of winning improve significantly. Yet, winning Lotto is far less likely than falling off the perch of life for no apparent reason.

I enjoy the company of delusional people however. Those who have an irrational belief in possibility thinking. They fervently believe that their football team will defy all odds and win something. They exude a childish confidence in the outcome of their daily endeavors. When things go wrong they invariably conclude that this is necessary feedback, and occasionally they achieve unexpected victories and accomplishment. The super model, notices them. They find themselves transferred to Tokyo. They become acquainted with a mentor with the same passion for jazz piano as themselves. They create a supporters club for their team in a foreign land.

Fantasy goals and outrageous aspirations frequent different points in space and time. One is illusory and one is tangible, though slippery. Chasing windmills a la Don Quixote is always more fun than wishing and hoping. Good lyrics to a song though!


Trevor said...

Kiaran, absolutely fantastic, keep putting these up and creating the books.
Best wishes

Karen Hutton said...

Great post, Kieran. Amusing, certainly. True, definitely. Being delusional is what makes me tick... LOL.

Congratulations on maintaining a fantastic blog