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Why Isn't The Law of Attraction Working for You?

This is a confronting and provocative question. It presumes there’s a gap in your life and that you are in some way failing, falling short of your own expectations.

If The Law of Attraction does indeed work, how then do we explain how bad things happen to good people? How can we explain how the worst of criminals can win the Lottery? Indeed we can question whether this much-quoted Law is in fact a myth.

The point of this article is not to ponder the riddle of this apparent phenomenon or get bogged down in the mire of attempting to define the intangible. Rather I would like to posit the following commentary.

Let’s twist the above question. Imagine that despite your initial reaction to the topic, that you are indeed living the dream, but have failed to realize this fact. Perhaps your appreciation lens is clouded. 
Perhaps you are with your ideal life partner but are blinded to this fact by virtue of your incessant fantasizing of some parallel universe where some Goddess or God is attentive to your every need.
Imagine a world in which some serious health defect was to consume your life. Would you spend your waking hours longing for a dream life that was manifested simply by good health?
The dream car that you drool about and crave, how important to you is it really in comparison to the love and respect of friends?
I prefer the less sexy ‘Law’ that I’ll call The Law of Tendencies.

Perhaps it’s pedantic, and probably ludicrous to call a label such as tendency a law. However bear with me for a moment longer. Imagine a belief system where all meaning was contextual. Imagine that happiness, sadness, joy, wealth and indeed any emotion was a manifestation based on nothing more than a sequence of neurons following a scripted pattern.

People have a tendency to think in a certain way, which then creates their beliefs and certainties. Our tendencies lead us toward repetitive patterns of behavior. We tend to hang around certain people. We tend to gravitate towards certain situations. We tend to surf certain web sites. We tend to communicate with a certain style.

Not surprisingly I would suggest;

our tendencies set us on a path of intersection and collision with others of similar tendencies. 

It’s not so much that mere meditation and visualization guarantees the object of our longing will manifest itself, but rather that in the midst of an infinite universe our patterns of thought and action more often than not propel us on to the same route as other like minded individuals.

Is there a message here? I hope so!

To achieve landmark goals, try hanging around those with similar aspirations. Spend time with those that you admire and whose apparent life experiences you would like to mirror. Network with those you aspire to be like and persist until your new tendencies become ingrained.

You may still walk under a truck, but there’s a more than reasonable chance that one day you’ll wake up and marvel at how your tendencies to all intent and purposes have become a facsimile of that elusive phenomenon called the Law of Attraction!

In the words of Desiderata-perhaps the universe really is unfolding as it should.


Hello Kiaran

So many laws, so little time :)

When someone truly embraces the law of attraction they start to see things differently and are open to opportunities.

Have you ever read about something or saw it on TV and all of a sudden you start seeing it everywhere.

For me the law of attraction is where you start to attract (notice) the things you want in your life and because you start to notice them you take action.

The law of attraction does not care if you are good or bad, just whether or not you bought the lottery ticket, or better yet said yes to the opportunity.

Thanks for the great read.
Josh said…
Hey Kiaran,

What a post! I had to read it twice. :)

Do you have any other options available to leave a comment without having to create a Google account?

Chat with you later...
Oliver said…
Hi Kiaran,

amazing post - and I love the idea of a law of tendencies - that removes a lot of pressure of doing the law of attraction the right way. And yes, we might still walk under a walk, but I think it's about increasing or decreasing our chances to live our ideal lifestyle. Gratitude for what we have is the first step.

Thanks for sharing.

Take care

Jerome Ratliff said…
Hey Kiaran,

I'm a big fan of controlling your mind by what you put into it.

I just love what you said about surrounding yourself with other people who have great aspirations to do things only a small amount of people would dream of doing.

This is how our lives where meant to be lived.

Have a great day,
Jerome Ratliff
Steve Shoemaker said…

Man you have some depth to your thinking my friend and a great way of expressing it.

The law of tendencies very interesting.

How our tendencies and that of others lead or "attract" us to others.

When I think of it like that instead the magnet I see when I think about the law of attraction now I see circles, circles that intersect because there could be no other way because of the tendencies in which we engage.

Very thought provoking,
Steve Shoemaker
Neil Macdonald said…
Hey Kiaran,

I love the line " And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."

I also like a line from Wayne Dyer
" In my life nothing ever goes wrong."



I love this specifically the part about hanging out with others who have similar goals and aspirations.

For me this has been a powerful experience, and I find myself a much more positive person, who is way more solution oriented than I was before I started to hang out with positive solution oriented people.

I also believe that hanging out with the right people can include books and audios that help me to mind my mind and focus on what I want.

Thank you for your awesome perspective on the law of attraction. There's so much hype about it online and your post was very refreshing!
Susanna Hess said…
Hi Kiaran,

I agree that people rub off on you, so it's best to spend your time around those you WANT to be like, rather than those you don't.

Interesting post.

Mavis said…
Hi Kiaran,

What an awesome post!

You are who you hang out with! It's important to surround yourself with people who already have you want.

Thanks for sharing your insights.

All the best,
Mavis Nong
Michael said…
Hi Kiaran,

Tha Law of Attraction is always working, you can neither turn it on or off.

The challenge is that it's not only your conscious but also your subconscious mind that is attracting things to you.

So bad things do happen to good people, but when you control what you allow in your mind the positive starts to win out over the negative and what you consciously want begins to manifest.

Great Post My Friend,
It seems to me that the two "laws" are really one and the same.

In order to become "attractive", you have to accumulate the qualities that will make you such or "tendencies" using your language, Kiaran.

In the end, you get to the same results, really.

I do love your idea that the law of attraction might've already worked for us in so many ways, we just failed to see it.

Ana Hoffman
Tommy said…

It is great to connect in the EIF tribe and the TSA. Double the networking always helps.

I like what Peter said "you start to attract (notice) the things you want in your life and because you start to notice them you take action."

This will carry you are the business owner a long way, not the business itself.

You will be attracting people no matter how many different business ventures you enter into.

As long as you have your brand and you are offering a valuable blue print of success.

Attraction Marketing is the true key to anyone's success.

Have a great day,
Tommy D.
robyn said…

just found you through linkedin. interesting thoughts about loa and your alternatives. people have to think and act differently to get things to work for them no matter what they are using - loa, etc.

replies are very interesting.

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