Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Don't waste time setting small goals!

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If you actually set specific and measurable goals - then a big congratulations, because this puts you in fairly rarefied space.

Most people have an innate sense of ambition. At its extreme it's manifested in the alpha male and female equivalent, whereby this sub species competes to the death with everyone for attention. Whether it's The Great Gatsby, or  the loud mouthed parent attempting to subvert all around them, this is not a healthy form of ambition.

The other end of the spectrum is inhabited by those listless, uninspired, and often sad individuals, who invariably finds themselves marginalised by society at large.

This post relates to what students of the mind might describe as self - actualised. Those who consciously make a decision to design their own destiny. Talent rises to its peak within the right environment, however the most genetically gifted swimmer on the planet may never attain any success in the realm of where their talent lies if fate doesn't put them in the right place at the right time.

We all have amazing natural talents that we'll never tap. We may have the potential to be an amazing pianist and yet never have had the opportunity to play a note. You could have the talent of a modern day Shakespeare and yet go to your grave without writing a sonnet.

Thoughts become things. It's interesting to contemplate where inspiration springs from. Some would suggest that the imagination is the spark of genius that ignites all great achievements, and that your mind only conjours dreams of that which you can achieve.

We're not talking about fantasy Lotto type thoughts. Imagination manifested in focused visualisation of an intended future state creates a state of magnetic attraction that is truly profound. 

Back on topic! Why would you set small goals? Small goals send a message to the sub conscious. The message is doubt. Great goals inspire decisive and consistent action. The difference between setting a goal to lose a few Kilos around your midrift hardly sets your heart a flutter! Setting a goal to run the London marathon in 2015 (even if you live in Sydney and have no money!) whilst raising $50000 for a specific charity creates a completely new energy.

Yes you might break a leg and temporarily fail but more than likely you won't. If despite all the focus in the world you fall short, then perhaps you change the time frame of the goal. Perhaps you'll need to go back to the drawing board and reassess your training strategy.

Big goals really do have an energy that is indescribable. You find yourself hanging around people who motivate and can help you. You find yourself immersed in the world of of where this energy resides. You start reading blogs, taking photographs, making new friends that are all congruent with your goals.

Never forget that it's not the destination that makes goal setting so powerful but the amazing sense of empowerment you get from 'owning' your own GPS. Anyone can learn a new language, a new skill, and any number of physical pursuits that currently may seem impossible.

Think BIG act BIG and be INSPIRED - we call it living LARGE!!!

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