Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Leadership is a Decision

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There's an apt saying: "Lead , follow or get out of the way." Indecision breeds confusion and disaster.
Leaders are not necessarily smarter than you or I, or indeed more worthy of following - how many leaders have led their followers towards oblivion?

What leaders do however is get things done. They share their vision, attract an audience and dictate the direction of the activity.

Opportunities abound but so few grasp the thorns, fearful of the illusion of failure and their perceived vulnerability to criticism and ridicule.

The pity is that concepts such as right or wrong are just that. All great achievements are preceded by hitherto perceptions of failure. Whether or not the world agrees with your proposition that the earth is flat or that evolution is a myth, or any number of beliefs you hold, the opinion of the masses need not impact you expressing your own genius.

leaders make things happen and get things done. They make mistakes and adjust their course. Followers are also moving in a direction. Ultimately followers may morph into leaders themselves, but the unfortunate unbelievers, those that fail to grasp the notion that self actualisation is a choice, the belief that one can steer their own course and destiny, will always fail to see beyond a set horizon.

You can be do and have so much more than you may think possible if you could only truly believe that you are worthy of leadership. Share your passion, ignore the naysayers and be consistent and persistent and people will follow

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