Saturday, June 15, 2013

Just ASK - Your life will change forever!

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After an unintended hiatus the Life Matters Blog returns! Of course the author was on hiatus, the absense of any Blogging, the 'bleeding obvious' consequence. Glad that's been cleared up!

The last 12 months of yours truly's life journey has been formative and enlightening. Let me explain.

In the pursuit of life balance I've taken many a detour around potential hindrances to this desired state. Along the way the goal was to avoid stress, conflict, any hint of a 9-5 existence, whilst living a happy, meaningfully fulfilled LIFE.

This might be defined as "Getting a Life!"

It occurred to me however that my strategy of moving away from what I despised was not moving me towards this image I had of Life Balance.

My definition of Life Balance needs to be elaborated. Ultimately it relates to a sense of daily wellbeing. A heightened awareness and sense that life is awesome.

This requires a balance inclusive of awesome relationships with lover and family and friends; financial security and the confidence of feeling like you're not an emotional slave to economic circumstances; a sense of purpose that you're moving towards something challenging and meaningful. And of course Health and Fitness.

How many of us actually ever get the balance right?

Me, I had a couple of hindrances. in a moment of clarity I put pen to paper and clearly defined what my ideal Life Balance Life would look like.

I then proceeded to ASK empowering questions, like a mantra, over and over again. "How do I earn xxxx $'s this year (a tenfold crazy increase on where I was at)
"How do I get my fitness levels back to where they were 10 years ago?" ( I used to be seriously FIT!)
"How do I become conversationally fluent in French, German, Italian and Spanish?"
"How do I contribute a six figure annual fee to worthy community causes"
"How do I make a positive impact on people's lives?"

Plus a few more questions. Phew - is that all?

The results over the last 10 months have been truly extraordinary. One day we may meet and I'll share the details.

Here's the tip for the day. ASK ASK ASK. Ask yourself better questions. Forget the nonsense you inhale from soap operas or talk back radio. Ask How questions not Why questions. Ask why you're single, broke, sad, obese, angry...... You get the picture. Your mind will scream at you and give you an abundance of reasons: because you're a turkey, a loser, stupid, ugly....

Then try this, and I swear your life will change beyond recognition. Drum roll. Get into the habit of asking for stuff. Ask for directions, ask for a date, ask for a pay rise, ask for a discount, ask for a referral, ask for help with your Curriculum Vitae, ask for some mentoring, ask for advice.

The universe is energy. Energy reacts to other energy. Positive energy manifests in positive outcomes. Questions asked, invariably attract the right answers.

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