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why is it that everyone wants to go to heaven, yet no one wants to die?

Facetious statement, I know. There is a hint of truth there, however.

How is it that some seemingly fortunate folks seem to sail smoothly through life, with few turbulences, crises or adversity worth talking about, whilst an all together larger percentage of the population seem to experience the opposite? Catastrophe, bad luck, and various examples of strife seem to shadow their every venture.
If the personal success guru's are to be believed. Then it's all pretty simple really. It's to do with the law of attraction. We attract the people and circumstances consistent with our dominant thoughts in to our lives. Taken to it's logical conclusion therefore, this law would seem to suggest that peer group is the biggest influencer of success and failure in life, all other things being equal.

Having worked with Juvenile Justice recidivist offenders, Olympic Champions, Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurs, and more than a few of life's hard luck stories, I've often pondered what is it exactly that most determines the differences in their respective life results.

At the risk of condensing the myriad of life's complexities down to a few simple platitudes, it does seem that there are certain strategies that have a quite profound impact on performance when implemented.

For almost immediate guaranteed change to take place in your life, try a couple of simple exercises, and reserve judgment until after the exercise.

Firstly. Make an emotional decision. A decision that some aspect of your life MUST change. Now!

Secondly, establish the belief that you are capable of actually making the change.

Thirdly, take massive and immediate ACTION.

The degree of change that you want to occur will determine the the extreme level of action that needs to be undertaken.

CHANGE is the operative word. Try Changing your peer group for awhile. This is the biggest influencer and reinforcement of your current situation. Break free. Build new social networks. Try different activities.

Change, if necessary, disempowering intimate relationships. Change job. Change clothes. Change thinking. Just start making changes!

Find a MENTOR. Success in sport, music, art, rocket science, is rarely acheived independently. Life accomplishments are more quickly acheived with the assistance of others. Find someone to model, copy, duplicate.

There's an old Irish expression that states that 'everyone wants to get to heaven, but no one wants to die!'

The challenge for many potentially outstanding individuals, is that the comfort zone of their lives, whilst far from being comfortable, is preferable to the unknown. Sometimes the umbilical cord, connecting us with an often malignant and miserable experience needs to be cut.

There is in life a risk in stepping in to the unknown. However continuing on the same path to predictable oblivion makes no sense whatsoever. It may be a cliche, but nevertheless there is a simple truth to the line; 'if you keep doing the same things over and over, then don't expect different results". In other words if you want to fly with eagles, get out of the turkey pen!


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