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New Year Resolutions!

Welcome to another decade (technically we've got another year to go before the new decade actually starts, but let's not quibble!). What's your intention for 2010?

That question didn't exactly roll off the tongue did it? We're most used to saying 'what's your goal?' but I think intention has a bit more substance to it. Some goals can be little more than a wish and a prayer. We set vague goals daily. Some get done, some don't. So what?

Tell your kids that you intend to get something sorted out right now, and you've got their attention!

Enough of the semantics. The most common resolutions that kick off in early January usually include losing weight and getting more exercise. Not incidentally the same thing. I wrote a Blog awhile back where I discussed the relative pointlessness of exercise in contributing to weight loss, certainly compared to diet.

By late January the gym Memberships have been purchased, the body somewhat detoxed, a couple of Kilos lost and a few aching joints to show for our endeavors and before you know it we've defaulted to our usual comfort zone, and on the cycle goes.

Is this your story or am I totally off base? It seems to make sense to start off the year or decade with fresh resolve, yet there is no particular reason to begin in January as opposed to March, yet who sets resolutions in March?

The bigger question is Why? Why should you bother? If it's out of some token sense of guilt that you feel a little out of kilter with your perception of societies' expectations, then it's unlikely you'll really give a damn after the initial adrenalin rush wears off.

If however you can find a really compelling answer to the 'Why' then the whole game changes.
If for instance it occurs to you that continuing to smoke could significantly decrease your odds of seeing the Grand-kids grow up, then your Intention to give up the cigarettes may just be strong enough to make it happen.

If your struggle with weight loss has been never ending then maybe a candid warts and all assessment by your physician may be the catalyst for change.

Perhaps you've wanted to go into business for yourself and drop kick the 9-5 into Timbuktu (or however you spell it) but you've dragged your feet, procrastinated, let doubts and fears pervade your dream and again defaulted to the comfort zone of sitcom TV instead of taking some meaningful first steps toward that dream. Then perhaps a different answer needs to be found. If not now when? Are you prepared to cop another 10 or 20 years of office politics. Are you happy to meander towards a subsistence pension in 5 or 10 or 15 years?

What scares you? What exhilarates you? This is the key to your success or failure in accomplishing your New Year Resolutions. Find a big enough why and virtually anything can be accomplished, else ambivalence kicks in and you're destined to taxi down the run way of life indefinitely without ever reaching critical speed to take off. - Sorry for the metaphor-speak-but there's a hint of truth in there I reckon!

Best Wishes for 2010 and I hope your compelling Intentions happen for you.

Cheers Kiaran


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