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Are You Depressed or Just Having a Bad Hair Day?

The following Blog is written with intention of providing a wry observation on Life Matters and I am flattered if it encourages commentary-however no offense is intended to those, celebrity or otherwise who are under the curse of depression and a link* is provided below to some resources that may prove useful.

In a celebrity obsessed modern culture which parades the foibles, inadequacies and fallibilities of these tabloid icons on the red carpet of our social consciousness, I ask the question: When did it become quaint to embrace serious malaise as trendy?

Depression seems to have taken over the mantle from suicide as the new chic of uber-modern social currency. How so?

I don’t expect delinquent athletes, supermodels or rock stars to provide a moral compass or embrace the mantle of role models. And yet by virtue of the sheer visibility of their every stumble and muttered obscenity, they do indeed have a profound influence on the malleable mind.

A demise of a tenuous flirtation leads to headline quotes of suicidal consideration. A couple of unfortunate set backs become the trigger for a confession of the debilitating effects of lifelong depression.

This craving for social sympathy camouflaged behind the crocodile tears of a self obsessed need for attention completely undermines and dilutes the very real misery suffered by those with clinical ailments.

If my goldfish dies perhaps the appropriate emotion is momentary sadness. If my football team loses the emotion is escalated to disappointment. My wife no doubt would find it unfathomable that I would have any emotion about the result of my football heroes! Bereavement crosses into the realm of grief. These are all normal symptoms of all but the local sociopath.

Suicidal tendencies are an obvious indication of a severe mental health issue. At the microscopic core of our human essence is a survival instinct that has evolved since time began.

Depression and disappointment should not be confused. Disappointment is the precursor to many a great endeavour. There is an innate need to prove ourselves to our parents and later to our children and those whom we look up to. The fear of coming up short is the fire that fuels many a great expedition.
Depression however is debilitating.

Disappointment is a signal that something needs to be changed. An indication that we’re not getting the results we’d like. The response? Change job, relationship, country, diet, attitude, or any number of daily choices that lead to our status quo. Voila! Disappointment dissipates as new life experiences manifest.

How we label our emotions can become self-fulfilling. I’m irrationally optimistic. If I can recalibrate an emotion back a click or two it invariably helps. Outrage morphs into disappointment. Disappointment dilutes to become irksome. Annoyance is barely worth the effort.

Of course this all falls by the wayside in the event of dodgy refereeing decision against my team, then all bets are off!

Here’s hoping your emotions are treating you well.

*Link to Resources


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