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Life Matters - The eBook

My Blogging serves many purposes including a de-cluttering of the mind to see if the translation of my random streams of subconscious thought have a coherent value, in other words to see what pops out.

This blog was originally born out of an intention to tweak some pervasive ‘truths’ and offer an alternate perspective of this transient essence we call life, and was never intended to pontificate as to how anyone else chooses to frame their life.

Enough of the verbal gymnastics. I’ve just completed the first draft (who knows, it may be the last!) of my eBook- a collation of scribbles and insights from the archives of this Blog. 

For those of my visitors who appreciate the slightly warped tone and content of my ramblings I offer you a complimentary download. It needs some editing and polishing, and maybe something as fancy as an eBook cover but in the meantime my celebrity dog-Zola- who makes a few appearances on my sites, including Youtube will have to suffice as the point of click.

Any content can be shared, there is no protective mumbo jumbo copyright clauses, I only ask that if you choose to copy and paste bits and pieces that you include my author credits.

Comments as always appreciated, all the more so if I don’t have to filter them through babel fish – that said I have had some nice comments in foreign languages and do welcome them

Cheers Kiaran 


Ana said…
That's a great culmination of your thoughts, Kiaran.

Your readers will greatly appreciate it; no question in my mind.

Ana Hoffman
吳婷婷 said…
王建勳 said…
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