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The Most Underrated Key to Success in Every Area of Accomplishment

Have you ever read a magazine article, blog or even a whole book and had a moment of clarity or insight where you've muttered to yourself 'that makes sense' or 'isn't that fascinating?'

A broad spectrum of topics covering weight loss, master chef recipes (yes the irony is intentional), stress relief, domestic budgeting, investment planning, dog training, pop psychology or even the latest and greatest tips on parenting may often be found in the weekend newspaper alone!

We are bombarded daily with what's referred to as conventional wisdom and yet we continue to live our lives blindly ignoring and disregarding most of it.

Sure, it would be cool to learn French, master a piano concerto, cook a meal of mouthwatering brilliance, regain our ideal weight, fund our financial independence by the age of 40, whilst living a life of self confident balance and sanity if only...

Unless you have a peculiar learning disability, it's all within the scope of your ability, so what's impeding so many poor souls in manifesting 'Success' into their lives?

The parentheses are there to highlight the idea that Success is very much in the eye of the beholder. there is no arbitrary concept of what constitutes success. If success is the achievement of a goal, then how do you measure ambivalence?

So what's the mysterious quality that separates the achievers from the rest?


Imagine the impact on your life if you followed through on even a fraction of the 'interesting' and 'facinating' ideas you are confronted with daily.

Green Tea Reduces Wrinkles? Wow - time to put that on my shopping list NOW!
Cutting meal size by 20% results in an average 1kg loss of weight per week for 12 weeks - Wow - let's start with the next meal

(incidentally I have no idea if the above is true!)

Of course not every piece of headline wisdom has been through the rigors of scientific analysis, however more often than not, our intuition will guide us well.

Read 100 personal development books and then continue doing the same things, with the same lack of self awareness, and it's merely served the purpose of killing time. Read 1 book and take some recommended actions immediately and marvel at the difference!

Your weight is your own choice - but why bother reading articles on the topic of wight loss if you don't intend to take action. Why bother reading inspiring stories and biographies of triumph over adversity if you aren't willing to take action...?

We are peculiar creatures in the sense that we are uniquely intelligent and yet despite the most compelling evidence will merrily act in consistently illogical ways. 

Here's the challenge! Grab the next logical idea that falls into your lap and take immediate action. Worst case scenario? It's a crap idea and nothing changes....

As always these Blogs are written with tongue firmly in cheek and not too suggest that you should change one iota of your current life direction if that is your desire!

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Hope this finds your life unfolding magnificently



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